About Harvey Nolen, the Artist

Harvey has had an enjoyment of the art process for most of his life starting with " western comic strips" that he created & shared with fellow junior artists friends in the 5th grade.

His style was developed over the years by various local instructors and studies of establishment art like  Winslow Homer, the infamous Vincent Van Gogh, Andre Withe. More recently, Lynn Ferris, Suzanna Winton, Carol Carter, Liam , Soon Warren, Steve Rogers and many many other fine watercolorists. With all of these, current artists, I have had the pleasure and priveledge to attend 3-4 day workshops with. Their inspirtion and shared knowledge is appreciated and I hope utilized in my painting.


My paintings are priced without matting ,Framing and Glazing.

I have separtted the charge for  Matting , Framing and Glazing into two (2) sizes.

Cat A for smaller size paintings 

Cat B for larger size paintings

Cat A the charge is $65.00

Cat B the charge is $85.00

The work is done in studio and is very professional. Charge is very small percentage compared to most frame shops.